PP Melt-blown Fabric Machine (SUKO-65)

PP Melt-blown Fabric Machine (SUKO-65)

Melt-blown cloth flat mask machine also called mask machine, is used for automatic production multilayer material flat mask finished product of the machine, you can use 1 ~ 4 layer PP spun-bonded non-woven cloth of melt-blown and filtration material, the entire process from raw material into the expected nose line inserted, sealing side, the cutting finished product are a line automation work, according to the use of different raw materials, can achieve such as N95, FFP2 such as different standards.

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This machine is mainly used for extruding PP high soluble fat melt spraying cloth, it can process PP melt spraying non-woven fabric for mask by cooperating with corresponding auxiliary machine (including forming machine head spinneret). The melt-blown machine has the characteristics of high output, good plasticization, low energy consumption, hard tooth surface gear transmission, low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity, long life and so on.


Raw material (edge material recovery) → melt extrusion → filtration → spinning → cooling → air draft → mesh → hot rolling → cutting and winding → finished product if needed


Model Screw diamete(mm) Length to diameter ratio Voltage (V) Power (KW) Capacity(kg/h) Heating powe(KW)
SUKO-45/30 45 30:1 380 15 30-45 14.5
SUKO-50/30 50 30:1 380 11 0-50 13
SUKO-55/30 55 30:1 380 15 0-35 14.5
SUKO-65/30 65 30:1 380 18.5 0-50 18.5
SUKO-80/30 80 30:1 380 22 0-50 22

SUKO-65 Basic Equipment

Name Details
Reduction Gears 200 type hard tooth surface reducer;filled with oil
Screw Cylinder 38Cr MoAI
Screw L/D 1.250694444
Frequency converter Japan Fuji
Temperature controller Japan OMRON
low-voltage apparatus Germany Schneider
Barrel heating ring Stainless steel mica heating coil,common hopper,no fab cooling
Main motor Siemens Baid
Power 18.5kw
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PP Meltblown Fabric Machine (SUKO-65)
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